Pristine Food Farm: Organic Raw Black Maca Powder, 200g

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Product Description:
Black Maca powder is made from light to dark grey skin colour Maca roots. Black maca roots are the rarest of all Maca colours, accounting for less than 20% of the annual harvest. Their distinctive skin color is a result of the soil conditions and climactic conditions in which they are grown.

Several research studies have shown that Black Maca has unique properties. A Swiss study from 2010 showed Black Maca to excel at protecting bone structure and preventing osteoporosis. 2 studies from China in 2006 and 2011 found Black Maca to be superior for increasing memory, concentration and learning skills. A UK study from 2011 found that Black Maca supported the most rapid muscle growth and endurance of all varieties of Maca. Black maca contain a higher concentration of proteins, fibre, selenium and bioactive substances, such as the glucosinolates, in a higher concentration than the other ecotypes. Differences in the effects of the black, yellow and red maca varieties have been demonstrated. Black maca has given better results in spermatogenesis, memory and anti-fatigue.

– Enhance energy and memory
– Increases the body’s immune level
– Invigorating, restorative and rejuvenating
– Reduce stress and balances hormone
– Relevant supplement in sports for muscle building, improves stamina and endurance

100% Organic Raw Black Maca Powder

Origin: Junín Peru

Recommended Dose & Usage:
1 teaspoon (approximately 5g) per day accompanying food in the morning

Keep in a cool dry place, away from heat sources.

1. USDA-NOP Organic (National Organic Program)
2. EU Organic
3. JAS Organic (Japanese Agricultural Standard)
4. Halal
5. Kosher
7. DIGESA Registered (Peruvian Health Ministry)

DISCLAIMER: The effects of this product is backed by empirical experience of ancient traditional medicines, with excellent results and the absence of harmful side effects if given within the correct dose. The information listed identified here is by no means an ordinance or a prescription. The use of these natural products does not replace a medical consultation.

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